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Student Profile


Student Profile

The Leadership Center is an all-women’s academic institution located in rural Honduras.

All of our students are high school graduates who have demonstrated leadership potential within their communities throughout Honduras. The students of TLC come from low-income families and otherwise would not have the opportunity to study. Students are recommended to us by pastors, priests, teachers, nonprofit leaders, government officials, and missionaries from throughout the country who are familiar with The Leadership Center and the impact we have on the lives of young women and their families. Students are admitted into our program once per year in February, move to The Leadership Center campus in April, and begin a transformational three-year journey toward a brighter future. Because of the generosity of our student sponsors, all of our students receive full scholarships, including room and board.



The Honduras map below shows the impact our graduates are having throughout the country.

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Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight

Graduate Spotlight


Daniela Valladares

My name is Daniela Valladares, I am 23 years old and I am from El Paraiso. I come from a humble family that lives in a small town called Oropoli. My mom takes care of the home while my father works as a construction worker, carpenter and barber. I have two younger sisters and my parents have worked very hard to help and support us. My parents are my inspiration and the reason I want to be better and give back to them. 


What I loved most about TLC is everything I learned and that I found myself there. I learned so much about what I was capable of and things I am able to do for my family and the people of my community. It was a privilege to meet people from different parts of the country, learn from them, and make memories together. Those were incredible experiences for me.


I graduated from TLC in 2016. Now I am working as an English teacher in a ministry called Casa de Luz in Zambrano. I have been here for a year and a half and it has been a wonderful experience. Working with kids is not an easy job, but I really love the opportunity to get to know the kids and the pure love that have, their way of thinking, and how they see the world from a unique perspective. What I love most is that I am able to share my knowledge with them and see what they choose to do with that knowledge. These children will be the next generation that will change their communities. 


My dreams and goals for the future are to continue to gain the skills and abilities I need to help others, learn more languages, and get married and have children. I want to be able to help my parents, sisters, and future family, and to empower others to be better and do something that matters. I hope people realize that their dreams are possible as long as they have the desires and will to achieve them. 

Nidia Yasbek Chirinos

My name is Nidia Yasbek Chirinos, I am 23 years and I am from Isletas, Sonaguera, Colon. I graduated from TLC on February 20, 2016. TLC was a great experience because I was able to learn many new skills, now I have a better opportunity in life. Being at TLC was a blessing that God gave to me. It was there that I met special people and also many friends. I am married now, I am the mother of a cute baby boy, and I am a teacher.


I am teaching at a private bilingual school called Sonaguera‘s School. I teach first and fourth grade boys who are very special to me. I work at the school Monday through Friday from 7 am to 3pm. After work I tutor 2 children in English every day at my house. My plan is to continue studying to be a professional teacher, and I want to start my studies this year. TLC is an institution that provides changes in many women’s lives and this is proven through our accomplishments and opportunities after we graduate.

Student Spotlight


Mary Maldonado

My name is Mary Maldonado and I am 23 years old. I grew up the youngest of five children in a beautiful community called Rio Negro located in the National Park Mountain of Comayagua (PANACOMA). I grew up helping my parents on the coffee farm here, but when I was thirteen, I had to move to the city of Comayagua to continue studying. I have continued to live there since then, but during vacations from school I go home to the farm to visit my family and friends. My dad plants beans, corn and vegetables, and my mom plants beautiful flowers in our garden and takes care of the chickens, fish, rabbits, dogs, and cats. My siblings and I always have my parents support for anything we want to do. 

I enjoy everything about being at TLC. I love the learning and all the knowledge we are getting here and everyone is so encouraging! Something very important to me is that God is at the center of everything we do. Something that is so important to me is that God is the center of everything we do. Before we start our day we have the opportunity to hear about him and motivation from someone here on campus. This is valuable to me because it makes TLC different from the other institutions in the country. Help, motivation, hope, learning, knowledge, friendships, time, adventures, God, support and companionship are a few of many things that I like about TLC. 


TLC is helping me to be more open minded and gain new experiences through the groups we have and are leading. We are not only learning theory, we are practicing what we learn outside the classrooms. Learning English is an important tool in our society because if someone speaks English, they are more likely to find a job. We are also learning how to be leaders which will not only benefit us, but our communities as well. Many of us are learning different skills that are very useful in our daily lives. For example, we learn skills such as sewing, computers, guitar, business management, working with animals, vegetable gardening, teaching children, using different machines, and others.


I have many dreams and goals for my country, my community and my family. I am very interest in help the developing of my community, especially the women. I want to help women develop their potential, skills, and passions. I want to help create jobs for women and help them understand that they can make a change in our country. I would like have my own business and my farm someday, learn more languages, travel around the world and never stop learning.



My name is Mairyn, I am 23 years old and I am from Las Delicias San Jose de Comayagua. I come from a large family with my parents, one brother, two older sisters, one younger sister, two nieces and a nephew. What I like most about TLC is that is that students are motivated to help each other and put others before themselves. At TLC, we are encouraged to practice our values and focus on helps others. 


My sponsor through TLC has helped me become an agent of change for my community and family by educating me to become a selfless person. Every staff member has contributed to teaching me a little bit of what they know about helping people in a healthy way. They have provided me with necessary knowledge for me to treat others in the way I would like to be treated. 


By 2023 I want to be finished with my studies at the university and be a psychologist. Part of why I want to be a psychologist is because when I was a little girl, I often felt alone and wished someone was there to support me. Now I want to be that support for a little girl somewhere else in the world. After I finished my studies, I would like to be a sponsor for another girl to have the opportunity to study, just like my sponsor did with me. I do not know when or where yet, but I would like to become part of an organization that is focused on community development, especially working with people.



My name is Ermelinda, I am 18 years old and I am from Santa Rosa de Copan. When I was young, I lived with my mom, two sisters and one brother. However, when I was 7 years old, people brought me to an orphanage. My mother couldn't afford for me to study and provide a better life for me, so I was raised in Amparo de San Antonio in Santa Rosa de Copan. 


I love the people at TLC and how they treat the students. I like the motivation and enthusiasm they always have to share knowledge with us. Everyone tells us that we are able to overcome difficult challenges and accomplish what we set our minds to. 


TLC is preparing me to become a leader in my community as well as being a leader in any context I find myself. I am learning the important values that leaders should learn and possess such respect, love and hard work ethic. I am learning so much in my classes, how to build good relationships with people, and to be on time for everything. They are helping me to be stronger and develop in every area of my life. 


My goal is to study hard and do my best while at TLC. After I graduate, I want to go on to study local community development so I can develop projects in my community that will impact all people.