FAQs about The Leadership Center

  • What are the living conditions like on campus?
  • Do I need a visa?
  • Is visiting Honduras dangerous?
  • Do I need to speak fluent Spanish?
  • What else should I expect while visiting/volunteering?
  • How much does it cost to join a Missions Team?
  • What about liability?
  • Does LMI have a specific faith statement?

The Leadership Center campus is in a remote location and has rustic accommodations. We are more than an hour from the nearest city.

Short-term volunteer and mission teams stay in dormitory rooms with single-beds and bunk beds. Showers and toilets are clean, but not always in the same building. Showers are usually cold.


Long-term teaching staff and volunteers live in the Staff House. While staff frequently have private bedrooms, staffing needs occasionally require individuals of the same gender to share a bedroom. The Staff House has a common living area and shared indoor bathroom and shower.


Meals on campus are simple but nutritious – beans, rice, tortillas, eggs, soup, fruit and vegetables, occasional chicken, beef, or fish, and coffee, tea, and purified water to drink.

American citizens entering Honduras automatically receive a visa. The length of time given on the visa depends on the purpose of the visit. For business travelers, it is 30 days. For tourists, it is 90 days. As you near the expiration of your visa, a 30-day extension is available. Once the visa expires, an individual needs to leave Honduras for 72 hours. Upon returning, you are issued a new visa.

The Leadership Center is remotely located within a large national forest, which is protected by the Honduran military. There are only two small dirt roads leading in and out of the entire vast region. Both the military and the national police often have checkpoints on that road as well as daily patrols into the mountains to prevent illegal harvesting of the forest. The forest is one of the largest income sources to the government so it is carefully guarded. With the military patrolling the area, staff and students feel well protected and safe.

You do not need to speak fluent Spanish to volunteer or visit TLC. All of our classes are taught in English and we encourage students to speak English as much as possible on campus to become more fluent. It is helpful to have some basic Spanish when traveling away from campus or communicating with Honduran staff members, but this is not a requirement prior to coming.

You should know that we are generally “off the grid” and very remote. We are away from cities and nightlife and we operate off basic amenities. We have recently made improvements to our staff internet bandwidth and have made a transition from solar-paneled electricity to standard community electricity. However, since we are "off the grid", it is not uncommon to “run out” of water, electricity, or internet for a period of time (one hour to one day). If you come prepared to be flexible and adaptable, you will do great!


Additionally, we find that our staff and volunteers who truly get behind our mission, keeping a common goal in all they do on campus, and really invest in our students outside of the classroom have the best experiences and have been most successful at TLC.  We also encourage our students daily with both educational and spiritual development support outside of the classroom, as students desire. 

The cost of each trip to The Leadership Center in Honduras is $500 per person (plus airfare), which covers your in-country transportation, food and lodging. The $500 trip cost is a tax deductible payment made to Leadership Mission International and is submitted as a "Donation" via check or online. Please visit the Donate page for payment information and processing. When submitting payment for a trip, please indicate on the check memo line or in the online comment field that it is for your upcoming trip costs.


Leadership Mission International requires all volunteers and teachers traveling to Honduras to have a basic international health insurance policy.   Insurance is available from many organizations including Go Mission at a reasonable cost. Evidence of insurance should be mailed to Leadership Mission International, 5251 NW Wickiup Way, Portland, OR 97229 at least three weeks before departure to Honduras. You can also email it to ira.lucia@leadershipmissioninternational.org.


In addition, please download a Volunteer Release and Liability Waiver form. Once the form is filled out, please send to your team leader or email to ira.lucia@leadershipmissioninternational.org as all copies need to be on record prior to your arrival in Honduras. Please bring the hard copy with you.

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