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Mission, Vision & Motivation


Mission, Vision & Motivation

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The mission of Leadership Mission International is...

To educate, train, and develop a new generation of ethical leaders by providing exceptional academics and hands-on leadership opportunities to individuals from underprivileged families.

Our long-term vision is...

That graduates will create long-term, sustainable solutions in their communities and country.


Leadership Mission International is looking for sponsors to fulfill all sponsorship needs of our newest cohort of students who began studies in April. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please click here. To learn more about our students, please click here.


We work in Honduras through The Leadership Center where we provide educational and leadership development programs to young women.


We are a faith-based, U.S. nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and public charity. We, in part, see our mission at The Leadership Center as reflecting God’s love to those who we seek to serve. We practice and promote core leadership values throughout all levels of the organization. These values include love, kindness, respect, courage, patience, forgiveness, and many others. We gratefully welcome all volunteers, teachers and others who share our heart for serving those in need.


In addition to educational development, we believe that spiritual development is an important component of each student's overall development as a leader. While all faith-based activities on campus are optional, the campus leadership promotes and encourages these activities among students, staff, and visitors.


In 2011, Glen Evans launched The Leadership Center to provide ethical leadership training and educational opportunities for women, who are so desperately in need of additional opportunities to better themselves. In 2013, Joseph Rahm and Ira Lucia founded Leadership Mission International as the 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization that now provides resources to and manages The Leadership Center.

Our Objectives

  • Educational access for all
  • Servant leadership
  • Empowering country citizens to be change agents
  • Diversity
  • Working alongside individuals, families, and communities
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Impact & Outcomes

Impact & Outcomes


We create entrepreneurial and employment opportunities for young women through the educational and leadership development programs of The Leadership Center. Upon graduation, our graduates return to their communities to launch businesses, become teachers, work with service organizations or another professional career.

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The Rahm Family

Co-Directors and Teachers

Joseph Rahm is the Executive Director at The Leadership Center. He also teaches leadership classes and manages the staff and operations on campus and throughout Honduras. Hailey Rahm teaches seminars, mentors students, and leads Bible Studies and many campus projects. Joseph and Hailey, and their three children, have been living and serving at TLC for five years.

Karen Ramirez

Student Director

Karen is from San Jose de Comayagua, Honduras. She graduated from The Leadership Center in February 2016 and accepted the position of Student Director on campus. Karen is a hard worker and always willing to help anyone in need. She is responsible for the students’ everyday living needs and coordinates most of their non-classroom activities. Karen is looked up to in so many ways and we could not be happier to have her as the Director!

Brielle Hibma

Development Coordinator

Brielle serves as our part-time stateside Development Coordinator. She is a previous ESL and leadership class teacher who served at TLC in a variety of roles including acting director for over 9 months in 2016

Erick Gomez

Executive Assistant and Property Manager

Erick is from San Jose de Comayagua. Erick helps with driving and other administrative tasks and oversees various projects such as student work.

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Kyle Pickell

Community Development & Leadership Teacher

Kyle is from Orange County, California. He is a graduate of Covenant College with a degree in Community Development. Kyle has a passion for creating relationships and loves finding the best in others by recognizing their God-given gifts, skills, and abilities. At The Leadership Center, Kyle serves as teacher to the second year students, overseeing the community development and leadership classes. He and his wife Carrie will be serving with us through December 2018.

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Carrie Pickell

English Teacher

Carrie is from Knoxville, Tennessee. She is a graduate of Covenant College with a dual degree in Community Development and Economics. Carrie is an encourager and passionate about walking alongside others in life, helping them figure out who they are and what they want to do. This passion is the reason she is serving with us at The Leadership Center. She is one of our English teachers working with the first year students. 

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Karla Mendoza

Resource Teacher

Karla Mendoza is from Taulabe, Comayagua. She graduated from The Leadership Center in 2016.  She now owns a small chicken farm business.  She is currently serving with us at TLC as our second Resource Teacher. Along with Lenis, she is highly respected and admired. Karla has the gift of admonishing and encouraging others to pursue their goals. We are so thankful to have her join our team!

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Lenis Garcia

Resource Teacher/English Tutor

Lenis Garcia is from Cantarranas, Francisco Morazan.  She graduated from The Leadership Center in 2016.  She owns a small second hand clothing business.  Currently she is serving with us at TLC as a Resource Teacher/English Tutor. We are so happy to have Lenis join our team. She is not only a great English Tutor and class helper to our English Teachers but she cares deeply about our students and is highly respected and admired for her gentle and kind spirit.



English Teacher

Rhett is from San Diego, California. He graduated from San Jose State University where he earned a degree in comparative literature. Rhett is a compassionate teacher who always tries to go the extra mile for his students. He truly believes in empowering the young women of Honduras and building them into the leaders of tomorrow. He is an English teacher for our first-year students.