Written by Karla, Lenis, Nidia, Maholy and Yolany, 3rd year business students at The Leadership Center.


Karla_PresentingKarla: A week ago, my classmates and I traveled to a community west of Tegucigalpa called Pajarillos. The purpose of our visit was to share what we have learned in our business classes.  In this community, there is a group of ten middle school students who have a small nursery business selling trees. Additionally, they sell bread and piñatas for community events. My classmates and I each prepared topics including: marketing, habits of highly effective people, team work, personal finances and small business accounting. It was a great experience to be there sharing our knowledge, and we hope it will help them achieve success in their business.

I chose to share about marketing because I think it is one of the most important elements in a business. Marketing is a wide topic so I brought some examples of flyers, brochures and business cards they could develop to make their business known. Also, I shared with them a sales strategy called FAB selling which highlight the features, advantages and benefits of a product. The students each put together a sales pitch for random items I brought and they had a great time.





Lenis: The trip to Pajarillos was a great experience and learning opportunity. I truly believe that to be able to influence others positively it is necessary to grow as people first. Learning how to be effective people is key in our lives in order to communicate and give our best in what we do. That is why I decided to talk about The 7 Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. This book helped me to be more organized, to take control over my actions and to be able to influence other’s lives effectively. I choose to share it with the teenagers of the high school in Pajarillos because they are at a point in their lives where they need a sense of direction.  Learning that they are responsible for their actions and the impact they have in other’s lives is a great step to grow and use their potential for betterment and development of their communities. I am glad to be part of seminars; the more I do them, the more I find out that there is a lot we can give others, primarily the opportunity of access to knowledge.






TowerBuildingNidia: I had a wonderful experience while I was sharing knowledge with the students. My seminar was about teamwork and motivation. I chose those topics because many people say that working in a group just means problems. However, when you really know and understand the process that happens within a group then you become a team and work more effectively. Also, people lack motivation, which is very important because when people are motivated they do a better job.

I led the students and teachers in an spaghetti tower building activity to help all of them understand how important it is to work as a group and to show them how when they do, the activity or task has a better quality.

In conclusion, people like to work in groups but the problem is they don’t understand how to create an environment where all of them can work together, so personally it is something important that we can teach others because it is one of the keys of success.




Maholy: Every time we visit a community, our goal is to share useful information for them to put into practice. In this trip I decided to share about personal finances which includes information about budgeting and creating an emergency fund. The idea of sharing this information was to help other people find better ways to improve their quality of living and eventually transform their communities by making better decisions, and sharing with others the same knowledge we are sharing with them. To me, sharing knowledge is a way to develop communities in my country.

Budgeting is important to keep control over our expenses, savings or investments. It is a reality that many people in Honduras do not know anything about managing their own money; therefore, I decided to share what I have learned about personal finances during this quarter. Budgeting is one of the most important things we should do to have better control over our money. It lets us be more organized and be more aware of the real economic situation we are in. Budgeting takes effort and determination but when we reach the level of mastering it we are more capable of making really good decisions in spending, investing or saving.

Another thing which is very important for people to know is the emergency fund. The emergency fund is one of the most important categories in a budget. It is necessary to create an emergency fund and have it ready for any emergency. Emergencies are unexpected therefore, it is crucial to have an emergency fund just in case you need it.



Yolany: As students of the third year at The Leadership Center, we go to communities to share our knowledge and it has been a good experience. I feel lucky to be getting a good education and this trip made me realize that I am in the minority of people in my country who are able to get a competitive education. So sharing what I have learned was an experience in helping some youth in this community who have the desire to become better citizens.

I gave a lesson on business accounting because there are many important aspects that people do not know. Lack of financial expertise is causing more poverty in rural areas, because people have to give up opportunities to become entrepreneurs in order to hard just for money to supply basic necessities. I may not be the one who will save them from poverty, but I am the one who has the opportunity to give the youth of Pagarillos a hope by being an example of a Honduran citizen who desires to have a better life through entrepreneurship.