By Lenis Garcia, 2nd year student

Think for a moment. How would it be if everyone lived with a purpose in life? The image that comes to my mind is of happy people outfitted with positivism and with big smiles on their faces as the result of the joy of their hearts and the satisfaction of their work. It is a beautiful dream. However, it is necessary to adopt positive habits in life for this vision to be possible and more than just an image in mind. Lack of motivation and loss of meaning are the worst diseases that keep people from reaching great accomplishments. Fortunately, there are better directions to go. Trust God with all your heart and set goals that connect with your passions to be able to give the best of the best.

Why is it so difficult to get things done when life lacks of motivation? Not having motivation to do something is like a car that does not have engine. It cannot function well because the source of energy that keeps the car working is not there. It is the same when there is lack of motivation. Discouragement keeps people from pouring their hearts into their work and giving it their best because the motor that moves them to execute any activity is not there. If for any reason something is done, it is usually mediocre because there is not a desire to give it the best. Furthermore, performing against your will has a negative effect in people’s lives.

Physical and psychological problems take place in life when completing undesirable tasks. Looking at things as threats or as too much to take is often due to the unattractiveness of the activities. Having to do something without wanting to is overwhelming and stressful. Frustration that leads to stress is proved to be the first step for increasing probabilities of developing physical and psychological health problems. Headaches, deprivation of sleep, ineffectiveness in daily activities or even suicide can be the result of uncontrolled stressful situations. There must be another ways to cope. Loss of sense and direction distort any possibility to be satisfied with the result of the actions. Also, it is worth trying to make activities more than just important tasks, but to be enjoyable, which will certainly help in any situation to reduce the amount of stress and lack of excitement.

Every day is a new opportunity to give appreciation to life by making it the best experience. Recognizingthat God’s wonders are new every day and thanking him for them is the best start. Additionally, setting goals and organizing activities in order to accomplish them is very important because they will guide you and measure the progress on the achievements of goals. Being able to understand happiness is necessary to pass by storms in life, giving the rain a little bit of fire at the time will consume the water that wets the heart. Let’s remember that people can reach their highest capacity when setting goals and doing them with passion. Working on things that people like does not mean that hard work is not required to see it finished. However, when there is a sparkle that ignites a fire, positivism, energy, enthusiasm, motivation and willingness to reach objectives make of the road an enjoyable trip. There is no great joy that cannot be reflected in others lives. Joy is the strength to endure the battle to serve by being the change that the world needs.