Trip to Pagarillos, Cantarranas, Francisco Morazan, Honduras

Written by Karla, Lenis, Nidia, Maholy and Yolany, 3rd year business students at The Leadership Center.
Karla: A week ago, my classmates and I traveled to a community

A New Me

By Dayana Romero
I knew my opportunity to study at TLC was going to change my life but I never imagined just how many areas of my life would be

Another Wonderful Quarter of Math and Science…and Zumba !!

At the completion of my first, and amazing quarter at TLC in July 2014, I was delighted to be accepted back for this second quarter. I wrote a blog entry on

“White Man’s Burden”

As the leader of a young non-profit organization, I have always struggled to answer two questions that I am asked on a regular basis. The first question is, “How is your

Life Has Good Opportunities

By Glenda Fuentes, 1st year student

Nothing has been easy in my life. Some people say that other people are cowards, but I am the one who thinks you shouldn’t

Life That Brings Joy

By Lenis Garcia, 2nd year student

Think for a moment. How would it be if everyone lived with a purpose in life? The image that comes to my mind is

Rhythms of the Leadership Life

An article from one of our newest students, Yudy.  She’s only been studying English for 6 months!

Many people who have not yet had the chance to visit TLC


The word carries emotional weight for me and it is often not a word that I use everyday. While most people can say their family life is “complicated,” if

Wake Up and Open Your Eyes

It took me a week, but I made it. Sifting through my thoughts like a river full of gold, because that’s what I was left with after leaving Honduras;

Applied Mathematics and In-Your-Face Science Q1 2014

Others have written about the beauty of the campus. I loved the campus and environs as much as they. I am going to write about my experience as a math/science teacher and