Nicole3At the completion of my first, and amazing quarter at TLC in July 2014, I was delighted to be accepted back for this second quarter. I wrote a blog entry on the TLC website after that first quarter entitled ‘Applied Mathematics and In-Your-Face Science’ which illustrated some of the curriculum I developed and taught that quarter. The beauty of coming back this second time was that that curriculum awaited me.

I brought sturdy microscopes to enhance the science studies and additional math material relevant to the students. Arriving back on the campus felt like coming home, to young women I admire, to a campus thriving with new vegetable beds, lots of young saplings and new buildings. My class of thirteen second year students bubbled with energy and enthusiasm and we jumped right into data anaylsis and hands-on anatomy (toad, chicken, pig). The learning momentum ramped up quickly and didn’t wane. These young women were hard-working, striving to deliver high quality work that demonstrated good understanding of the concepts and a high level of conscientiousness.



Nicole2Since many students come from communities without clean water, a highly relevant project we embarked on was the building of small prototype water purifiers that were scalable for use in a home. Three of the students were so excited about these that we developed a full size purifier as a model for the campus and provided them with the materials to take back to their homes to build their own.

I also taught a class of business math to the third year students – those young women who had been my math/science students the year prior. I was a pleasure to see how they had matured over the year, and to hear their plans post graduation.

My best wishes go out to all these students – who I deeply hope to see again someday.